Virtual Reality Training
for First Responders

Verify mission-readiness of your team
with virtual reality technology
that makes training affordable and accessible,
anytime, anywhere and with anyone.




source: - MCI drill
source: - MCI drill

First Responder Training Challenges:

  • COVID impact on ability to train large teams.
  • Budget cuts that limit training for complex emergencies.
  • Logistical hurdles to organize large training events.
  • Lack ability to track, measure and verify mission-readiness.
  • Inferior training leads to decreased confidence in teams and equipment.

Virtual reality and augmented reality trainings for first responders directly address these challenges.

First Responders Experience High Stress & Trauma.

Funding constraints and high op-tempo often prevent first responders from training, especially for complex emergencies requiring large collective events. Continuous operations can cause first responders to lose their edge on critical skills. A loss of confidence can lead to higher stress, and ultimately undermine their physical, mental and emotional well being.

This is why we developed the HERO Platform to provide virtual and augmented reality training for first responders. Having access to virtual reality training for first responders can significantly reduce stress of scheduling and attending training. And, the platform provides performance analysis feedback to help both the trainee and commanders have confidence they are mission-ready.

We Understand That You Need A Better Way To Train First Responders

We create high-impact, virtual reality trainings for First Responders and military, designed to improve performance and accuracy. Whenever traditional training is non-repeatable, too expensive, or too dangerous, our virtual trainings ensure your personnel are mission-ready.


Realistic experiences build the skills to
respond in high stress situations,
enhancing confidence and performance.


Overcoming crisis emergency incidents by
protecting, serving and saving lives in the
manner expected of first responders.


Protecting the physical, mental and
emotional well-being of first responders to
ensure safe return home to families.

“This experience

helps us save lives.”

– Commander, Austin/Travis County EMS

Case Study

Austin/Travis County EMS AMBUS

This case study came from a collaboration with US Ignite as part of their Smart Gigabit Communities program. The Just-in-time VR Training for Ambus EMS was a success because it improved training outcomes at lower costs. See the results below and take a closer look at the AMBUS virtual reality training for first responders available now.

VR and AR training systems for First Responders - Emergency Medical Technicians show a decrease of 45% in errors

Increased Memory Recall

Improved cognitive and physical memory
of mission-critical tasks and up to a 45% reduction in errors.

VR and AR training systems for First Responders - Emergency Medical Technicians show AR training systems for Emergency Medical Technicians show up to 29% decrease of time-on-task

Decreased Time on Task

Training resulted in up to a 29% reduction in time-on-task
and a 91% acceptance rate among cadets who participated.

 AR training systems for Emergency Medical Technicians show an increase up to 82% confidence in task

Increased Confidence

82% of Austin EMS cadets felt prepared for the testing
of selected topics after participating in the AR & VR training.

 AR training systems for Emergency Medical Technicians shows an amazing 90% decrease in training costs!

Decreased Cost

Our trainings can be implemented at a 90% reduction
of the original cost of a traditional moulage-style training.

Hear from Austin-Travis County EMS about New Mass Casualty Incident training

Access this ondemand webinar - See a live VR walk through of the MCI training

Augmented Training Systems, with the support from Austin-Travis County EMS, developed a new virtual reality training for mass casualty incidents. This webinar officially introduced the new Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) VR Training with special guests speaking to the training development experience with ATS and the outcomes with cadets.

MCI Training built for first responders by first responders

Learn How To Develop Your Modern Training Strategy

Start With Our Free Course - 7 Key Takeaways for a Modern Training Strategy

Augmented Training Systems brings experience, research and technology together to empower you to develop your modern training strategy.

Modern training strategy with virtual reality training

Amazing Partners We Are Proud To Serve with Virtual Reality Training for First Responders.

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Platform & Trainings

HERO Platform

A modern training platform that combines
technology, research and experience to
deliver virtual reality and augmented training.

Training Offerings

Virtual reality training for first responders enables your team to train for complex scenarios without the need of scheduling and conducting a costly live event.

Custom Packages

Partner to jointly develop scenarios with great benefits such as discounts for platform and training access as well white-glove support during training development and launch.

How It Works

  • Research Driven
  • Virtual & Augmented Reality
  • Commander Interface
  • Experience Validated

1. Access The HERO Platform

Schedule a demo call where we”ll show you the training experience and Commander interface to analyze individual and team performance. You can also explain your specific needs and requirements so that we can provide best practice guidance based upon our team’s research, technical knowledge and experience. We will then provide you access into the HERO Platform.
  • Platform Discount
  • Training Discounts
  • Joint Training Development
  • White-Glove Support

2. Become An Early Adopter

Join this passionate community of Early Adopters. We continue to partner with universities, municipalities and defense organizations to jointly develop complex training scenarios. You  can benefit with significant discounts on existing trainings and explore training co-development with Augmented Training Systems. The Early Adopter program goes through March 2022.
  • Virtual Reality Training
  • Augmented Reality Training
  • Training at home, in station or on site
  • Analytics to prove readiness

3. Ensure Mission Readiness

Overcome time and funding constraints preventing your first responders from training effectively for complex emergencies. We created this modern training platform to deliver virtual reality and augmented training anytime, anywhere and with anyone. They and the community deserve nothing less. Your organization saves money. And the community benefits from highly trained emergency responders in the moments that matter.

We Train Heroes

First responders don’t see themselves as heroes, but like the communities they serve, here at Augmented Training Systems we do!

Every day, these men and women go out into a challenging and dangerous environment. Yet, budget constraints and high op-tempo’s prevent them from training as often as desired.

We understand that first responders are expected to be the heroes in these dangerous emergency situations. In order to do that, they need realistic training that is affordable and accessible anytime, anywhere and with anyone.

The problem is the available training for complex emergencies like active shooter, infectious disease, or mass casualty incidents is resource intense and challenging to verify mission-readiness.

At Augmented Training Systems, we developed a virtual reality and augmented reality training platform for first responders so that they can be the heroes in the moments that matter and return safely home to their families.

female firefighter in full gear, standing proud