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Avatar Library 3.0

A vast array of diverse profiles and characters, numbering in the thousands.

Facial Expression

  • Detailed facial expressions
  • Accurate emotional reactions
  • Realistic speaking patterns
  • Wide range of emotions

Body Movement & Interaction

  • Use of custom equipment on avatars
  • Precise equipment placement
  • Well designed body mechanics for deep understanding of spatial dynamics
  • Detailed adjustment of avatar limbs and posture

Unlimited AI Actors

  • AI actors feature diverse vocal styles for different ages and personalities
  • Tone and sound effectively convey emotions for scenarios requiring emotional awareness
  • The library includes realistic ambient sounds for various environments
  • AI actors support multiple languages, accommodating a global audience

Realistic Animations

  • Lifelike animations in our library closely mimic real-world movements
  • A wide variety of animations cover everyday actions to specialized maneuvers
  • Capability to create custom animations tailored to specific training needs
  • Realistic animations enhance training engagement and effectiveness

Complex incidents that provide a diverse set of professional roles required to respond to a broad range of injuries

Our VR training scenarios offer a deep dive into a wide spectrum of traumas and roles across various incidents. This approach enhances both understanding and preparedness in facing diverse challenges:

  • Scenarios that offer professionals opportunities to train on incidents that are low complexity to very high complex responses
  • Engage in diverse roles in emergency situations for a well-rounded perspective
  • Scenarios span from urban disasters to remote emergencies
  • Emphasis on practical application in real-world settings improving situational awareness and readiness


Not at all. Each avatar in our library has at least two distinct appearances. We also offer customization options to modify the avatar’s appearance according to your specific training scenario needs, ensuring a more personalized and relevant experience.

Our library currently boasts a diverse collection of over 50 different avatars. These avatars are ready for customization to align perfectly with the requirements of your training program, offering a wide range of choices to suit various scenarios.

Absolutely not. Our avatars are equipped with a rich set of animations and can perform a variety of actions tailored to your training needs. They have the capability to be seated, lay down on stretchers or the floor, stand, and interact with each other, offering dynamic and realistic training environments.

Yes, definitely! We are open to discussing your specific training requirements and can develop new animations or actions for either an existing or a brand-new avatar, adding a unique dimension to your VR training experience.

Our avatars are designed with full rigging and ragdoll physics, enabling them to move every part of their body. This allows for highly realistic movements and behaviors, enhancing the immersive quality of the training experience.