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Be the Hero people deserve

Our vision is to make training through VR accessible to all, while we increase performance of various skills, lifesaving or not!

Our Vision

Confidence increase

At ATS we aspire to prepare professionals to become more efficient in their jobs. Increasing confidence leads to a more efficient response and ultimately to better preparedness during high-pressure tasks. We believe that there is always room for improvement, especially when it comes to life-threatening events.

Unite, Train, Excel

Our Mission

We train heroes

First Responders and medical professionals don’t see themselves as heroes, but like the communities they serve, here at Augmented Training Systems we do! Every day, these men and women face challenging tasks within stressful environments. Yet, budget constraints and high op-tempos prevent them from training as often as desired.

We understand that these professionals are expected to be the heroes in dangerous situations. In order to do that, they need realistic training that is affordable and accessible anytime, anywhere, and with anyone.

The problem is the available training for complex emergencies like active shooter, infectious disease, or mass casualty incidents is resource intense and challenging to verify mission-readiness.

At Augmented Training Systems, we developed a virtual reality and augmented reality training platform for professionals so that they can be the heroes in the moments that matter and return safely home to their families.

Be prepared with ats


We utilize our innovative solution in portable VR devices to significantly increase accessibility


We find the best solution to your training needs, in an affordable manner that fits your individual budget


We manage to satisfy even the most complex needs, through a multi-disciplinary experts’ team


We provide trainings tailored to your needs, supporting you along the way with multiple customer service modules