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Collaborative Training Experiences

Multiple Roles

  • Real-Time Collaboration: Trainees can engage in real-time with colleagues or peers, enhancing teamwork and collaborative problem-solving skills
  • Live Interactive Scenarios: Multiplayer mode offers live, interactive scenarios, simulating real-world situations for more dynamic and effective training
  • Trainee Engagement: Trainees receive an interactive and immersive learning environment, with access to personalized training modules and feedback to enhance their skills
  • Competitive Exercises: Encourage healthy competition with multiplayer challenges and exercises, motivating trainees to excel and improve.
  • Group Learning Opportunities: Facilitate group learning, allowing trainees to share insights, strategies, and feedback, enriching the overall training experience.
Bringing Reality to Virtuality

Where Multiplayer Meets Immersion!

Live Communication

The ATS Hero trainings offers real-time voice communication, facilitating more engaging and effective training sessions. Trainers can actively supervise and provide immediate feedback to ensure the validity of the followed procedures and techniques are followed. This fosters the development of essential communication skills crucial in various professional contexts.

  • We support live voice communication, providing a more personal and effective way to interact during training.
  • Our live voice communication feature enables trainers to actively supervise training sessions. This allows for real-time oversight, ensuring that trainees are following the correct procedures and techniques.
  • Regular real-time interaction helps trainees develop strong communication skills, which are vital in many professional settings.

Custom Multiplayer Room: Tailor Your Training Experience

  • Joining and Inviting Participants: It’s simple to join existing rooms or invite team members, ensuring the balanced teams for each training session
  • Master and Trainee Roles: In custom rooms, roles are clearly defined, with a ‘Master’ role typically assigned to trainers and ‘Trainee’ roles for learners. This structure helps maintain order and clarity during training sessions
  • Room Creation and Customization: Users can create custom multiplayer rooms tailored to specific training scenarios, with a variety of adjustable settings to suit their training goals.
  • Competitive Exercises: Encourage healthy competition with multiplayer challenges and exercises, motivating trainees to excel and improve.
  • Diverse Avatar Selection: Trainees and trainers can choose from 9 unique avatars, allowing for personalized representation within the training environment. This diversity adds to the engagement and realism of the scenarios.


Yes, a stable Internet connection is essential for accessing the multiplayer mode. This ensures seamless real-time interaction and collaboration during training sessions.

Absolutely. Our platform supports voice communication, enabling participants to interact and collaborate in real time, enhancing the group training experience.

 Yes, you can track your performance in multiplayer mode. The platform provides access to performance metrics and leaderboards, allowing you to monitor your progress and compare it with others.

No, our platform focuses on collecting data from trainees only. As a Trainer (Master), your demonstration actions are not recorded for data analysis, allowing you to guide and teach without affecting the data set.