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Create your own training, tailored to your specific needs

Not finding what you’re looking for? Our interdisciplinary team of experts is here to help you design and realize your custom training, based on specific requirements. Gain full control over your solution with ATS.


Choose between already existing standardized training algorithms or personalize one  based on your individual needs. Our experts are here to support your training strategy, whether you are set on requirements or if you want to explore all possibilities together.

Choose training environment

Pick among a variety of existing training environments or create your own. Newly designed spaces can be built to resemble your actual facilities, to increase realism, provide accurate situational awareness, and facilitate a more effective training experience for your team.

Personalize your incident parameters

A large variety of incidents are already available to choose from. They include injury types, psychological profiles, and corresponding reactions from the avatars. Alternatively, pick any type of incident you wish to integrate and we will create it for you from scratch.

Customize training difficulty levels

Take control of the intensity, stress, and difficulty of your training. Choose among the suggested difficulty levels with pre-determined characteristics or redesign your own, adding complexity and stress factors that challenge your trainees.

Take control over your multiplayer experience

Interact with 5-6 individuals in the same environment and work on communicating how to respond to high-stress incidents together. Choose to observe individuals as the trainer in the VR space and offer feedback in real-time. You have the complete control on team training for your organization.

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