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Augmented Training Systems joins forces with Core Learning Exchange, to bring the future of Emergency Medical Services training today

ATS aspires at increasing inclusiveness and broadening the horizons of training through Virtual Reality for emergency, high-risk situations.

The strategic partnership of ATS with Core Learning Exchange will revolutionize the way VR training is distributed, increasing reach and inclusion. Training through VR has never been more attainable and within reach for thousands of individuals from the comfort of their own homes.

“Quality training experiences are essential for building confidence in First Responder teams and their equipment. Our immersive VR simulations will offer realistic and engaging training, enhancing the overall preparedness of First Responders,” Scott MacLeod, CEO of ATS.

“Tracking, measuring, and verifying mission-readiness have become paramount in the world of First Responders. Traditional training methods often fall short in providing real-time assessment and feedback. The Core-LX and ATS partnership will provide more organizations with the tools to track, measure, and verify mission readiness effectively.” Jeff Katzman, CEO of Core-LX.