Virtual reality training platform - ATS HERO Platform from Augmented Training Systems

Virtual Reality Training Platform

Introducing the ATS HERO Training Platform.

You can improve training performance, engagement and reduce costs through state-of-the-art Augmented and Virtual Reality Training Technologies.

Save Time and Money with Proven Virtual Training Platform
Augmented Training Systems enables your team to conduct human-centered AR/VR Trainings for complex emergencies that are too difficult to conduct on a routine basis.
Our training simulations can be deployed anywhere, anytime to multiple trainees, saving time, money and improving situational awareness for the whole team.
The ATS HERO Platform enables the team trainers to have performance analytics to ensure all team members are hitting their marks and mission-ready.
Virtual reality training platform for first responders


Meet the HERO Platform

  • bar graphComprehensive performance analytics
  • timerTrack the speed and accuracy of individual tasks
  • trophyView mistagging and misdiagnosis issues
  • shieldMake sure trainees follow the START protocol
  • calendarMonitor training completion and send reminders to teams
  • peopleAssign, track, and monitor via computer, tablet or phone
emergency medical diagnosis and life saving emeg med using traige and rapid treatment

Technology designed to train heroes

cloud icon with arrows in the middle showing upload and download of information


Our training can be implemented anywhere and anytime. Access analytics on how your heroes are performing in a web-based dashboard.

circular arrows pointing to vr headset, smartphone, smartwatch and iot sensor

Multiple Platforms

Our training solutions can be used in many devices. AR Headsets, VR Headsets or even WebVR in all browsers.

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and…We follow best industrial practices to protect your data and your heroes.

Performance Management in ATS HERO Platform - Augmented Training Systems

Performance Monitoring

  • Get real-time analytics on individual and team performance
  • Trainees gain valuable feedback to adjust and improve performance
  • Increase confidence by repeating training until achieving proficiency
  • Ensure all team members are hitting performance thresholds

Task Analysis

  • See best, worst and average time-on-tasks
  • Identify number and types of errors
  • Identify trouble spots to focus training efforts
  • Informs training plans
Task Analysis in ATS HERO Platform - Augmented Training Systems
Training Management in ATS HERO Platform - Augmented Training Systems

Training Management

  • Create teams of any size
  • Assign teams to training
  • Measure team engagement
  • Ensure that all team members complete training

Team Monitoring

  • Setup for any size team to train from anywhere, anytime
  • Commanders gain valuable insights on mission-readiness
  • See how many times and number of hours in training
  • Invite team members to train again
Team Monitoring in ATS HERO Platform - Augmented Training Systems

A technology platform to cover
the most demanding training needs:

  • Reduce cost and save time with easily customizable immersive training scenarios
  • Improve team coordination with access to on-demand performance metrics
  • Engage teams with collaborative training using telepresence
  • Insights into your team’s emotional state with IoT biometrics sensors
George Koutitas fitting an EMS trainee with Microsoft Hololens

“This is the coolest
thing I’ve ever done!”

Travis County EMT Trainee

emt in uniform, wearing oculus vr goggles and pointing with hands

The HERO Platform makes managing your teams a snap

Developing a Training Strategy and Custom Trainings on the ATS HERO Platform

We use client-centered, design-thinking methodologies to ensure our virtual reality training meets your educational goals and works with your employees’ busy schedules.
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We’ll spend the time to get to fully understand your training needs and get to know how your employees train. This ensures we develop the most effective training for you.
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ATS engineers and designers will come up with ideas to solve your training needs and propose solutions to your management team for approval.
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We’ll develop your training using industry-standard software design and development techniques. Making sure your training meets the highest industry standards.
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User-testing ensures your training relies upon assessment to reach training objectives. This step also helps us catch any bugs and usability issues before sending out organization-wide.
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Implementation & Support

When everything is ready to go, we deliver your training product for distribution to your organization. Don’t worry: We’ll provide tech support to ensure your trainings go smoothly and employees are happy!